Why Cultural Understanding Matters in the Classroom

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You can’t help but notice the wonderful cultural diversity of 21st century classrooms. Enriching each class with a melange of languages, traditions and worldviews, this diversity is something to be celebrated, not vilified, as has so often been postulated recently. Yet despite all the rewards of this diversity, when teachers don’t fully understand the way cultural differences impact learning, problems quickly ensue. For instance, consider the following scenarios:

  • Tang is struggling in your class despite his fluency with the language. You later discover that he misunderstood a couple of basic concepts but was unwilling to ask questions.
  • Consuelo is hardworking and well-behaved, but she has a habit of never looking at you when you speak to her.
  • Arjun is a great student who Continue reading “Why Cultural Understanding Matters in the Classroom”