About Denise

Education is my idea of a good time. Not the boring kind, focused on staying seated, being quiet and regurgitating facts. No wonder students say school is boring!

No, I’m talking about learning that addresses the whole child, that intrigues, engages and challenges students so much that it awakens a thirst for more knowledge and evokes a sense of pride when they meet the challenge. Throw in creative thinking, a good deal of animated discussion and a dollop of excitement, and you’ve pretty much got my recipe for education. That’s also what my books are all about.

Since my interests are varied, I write on a range of other topics as well, from Christian Living to home décor. And simply because I derive as much pleasure from reading as writing, I’ve combined the two in reviews of books I’ve enjoyed, which are published on another website.

I’m a native New Yorker, transplanted in metro Atlanta for the last two decades. And for now, I’ll keep writing. In between, I’ll set aside time just to daydream, work in the garden, take in the theater, read, do Zumba, maybe get back to gourmet cooking (the list is long!) . . . and savor a richly blessed life.